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Celebrating 40 Years of Moghul's Culinary Legacy

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A Tradition of Indian Delight

Start off on a gastronomic adventure at Moghul Restaurant, where almost four centuries of heritage meets the ultimate in Indian dining. A theme across the Tri-State area, we present the flavors of India’s rich culinary diversity for your indulgence in modernity.


Culinary and Seasonal Delights

With seasonal ingredients, our menu of Indian flavors is perpetually reinvented, with innovative dishes representing the diverse regions of the subcontinent—a rich tapestry of India’s flavors. Moghul offers options for all dietary preferences – vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free, providing a dining experience that is both inclusive and exceptional.
homemade spreads

White fish roe ‘taramas’ 9€
Santorini Fava,split peas 9€
Aubergine puree (Mount Athos recipe) 8€

from the sea

Grilled octopus 18€
Sauce and fresh herbs 15€
Bisque and red sauce 18€


Chevre goat cheese with fig jam 12€
Olive jam 9€
Tomato carpaccio 10€


Milk phyllo pie from Thessaloniki 10€
Pecan pie with kaimak ice cream 10€
Sorbet (do ask us for seasonal flavors) 4€

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Savor Classic Dishes Amidst Our Creatively Luxurious Ambiance for an Unforgettable Dining Journey

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Based on 1648 reviews
zahed rahman
zahed rahman
Nice environment and comfort.
Daniel Griffin
Daniel Griffin
Food and service are always amazing
Bruce Cranendonk
Bruce Cranendonk
One of the best Indian restaurants in New Jersey. The food was authentically prepared and delicious. Staff was attentive and courteous. The dinning room was packed with Indian clients. As the saying goes, if the ethnic restaurant is filled with clients from that ethnicity, it has to be good.
Krishna Kudugi
Krishna Kudugi
I've been visiting Moghul on and off over the past 15 to 20 years. Good choices, good taste. Being a vegetarian I can only comment on Vegetarian foods.
Lee Brewer
Lee Brewer
it is getting better and better

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